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April 1, 2013

Exadata Cell Server Monitoring

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If you are new to Exadata then you can learn more about Exadata monitoring by reading Chapter 12 of Expert Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exadata Command Reference. Once you know little bit about monitoring next challenge will be how to display those metrics in proper format. If you have Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g or 12c installed and configured in your infrastructure you can create dashboards to start monitoring Exadata.

I tried to write couple of Perl scripts that will display metrics on unix shell prompt for all storage cells and will refresh at regular interval of time (like Unix top command). will display CPU%, Memory% and runq for all storage cells. It takes two parameters samples and intervals. You could see some latency in interval as script submits dcli command and gets all data and formats it.

image will display Cell Disk IO, Grid Disk IO and few Network Statistics.


If there is a :, it represents min on left side and max on right side. Network Throughput are absolute numbers. Network errors columns should always be 0:0.

I haven’t paid much attention to tuning the dcli, awk and sed itself and did not test this on full rack. But basically this two wrapper script will give you idea if you want to monitor other cell metrics from command line.

Download code


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